About Certified Backflow Testing, Inc.

Certified Backflow Testing, Inc. has been testing and repairing backflow assemblies since 2001. We submit all test reports to the water purveyors electronically, and then provide the customer with a copy for their records. Our goal is to make the annual testing process simple and uncomplicated for our customers!

Our coverage area is primarily the eastside of Lake Washington including Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Newcastle, and Renton

important information

• If the backflow assembly is located outside your house (irrigation) and accessible without a locked gate, you will not need to meet us for the test. We would add your house to our testing list based on the due date and then get the work done as it fits our efficient driving route.

• Once the test is completed, we will send the report in to the water purveyor via email for you. A copy of the report and invoice will be mailed to you later in the month when we do our billing (nothing is left at your door that could be stolen, and we do not ask you to leave a check/payment out for us).

• If we have not tested at your location in the past, we will need the backflow assembly information (MAKE/MODEL/LOCATION/SIZE/SERIAL NUMBER). This info is generally listed on the reminder letter from the water purveyor. You can take a picture of the letter and email it to us for convenience or type it into an email. If we have been to your house before, we will have all the backflow assembly information in our database.

• We will also need your complete address, phone number, and due date for your test.

• If the valve(s) is located inside the building, we will need to set a time to meet you. We group by city for testing efficiency.

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You can call us at 425.427.8889 or use the contact form to send an email